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Why should to choose our wholesale roasted coffee beans as the right choice for you and your customers? if you’re looking for that everyday type of coffee just for a kick, you can go ahead and get any roasted coffee but or if you’re looking to give your customers a connoisseur coffee then you will need a speciality coffee roaster like Arabica Beans and the best Colombian roasted coffee that produces a rich aroma and a genuine flavour in every cup!!

Ask any coffee lover, and they will tell you how a speciality roasted cup of Colombian coffee is not an ordinary cup of coffee. 

Colombian coffee is one of the best coffee in the world. Its Arabica bean is the most commonly grown coffee bean worldwide and has a lighter and sweeter flavour when compared to the bolder and denser Robusta.

What makes Colombian Coffee the world’s best coffee?

Several things make up Colombian coffee as famous as it is. But the following geographical conditions of Colombia contribute most to the rich aroma and flavour that extracts into every cup:

The volcanic soil is also known to produce some of the best quality coffee:

  • Altitudes as high as 1200 to 1800 meters
  • 80 inches of rain a year
  • Places that are free of frost.

Coffee Production in Colombia and its wholesale market

While Brazil is the global leader in coffee production, Colombia becomes the second-largest producer of coffee in Latin America after it. As per the statistics in the year 2019, approximately 10 percent of the total coffee production worldwide is accounted for by Columbia.

Wholesale roasted coffee beans market

The market for Wholesale roasted coffee beans is not just broad in variety but also profitable. Various coffee specialist companies cater to their clients worldwide.

The wholesale coffee business offers variety. From coffee wholesalers to budget coffee brands and private labels to coffee brands big or small, the wholesale coffee business has a wide spectrum.

Looking for Wholesale Roasted Coffee Beans?

If you are looking for superior quality wholesale roasted coffee beans, you must not look beyond Arabica Beans—home of irresistible fresh coffee beans! This boutique roasting company in Kent has the best Arabica Coffee Beans to offer.

With years of formulating bean roasting behind them, they offer their customers a taste that has been perfected over the years.

After experimenting with several coffee beans worldwide, they narrowed down their favourites to Colombian, Kenyan, Ethiopian and Rwandan.

Arabica Beans, the boutique roasting company in Kent, majorly produces Arabica coffee beans with light and flowery flavour, preferred by most coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

Buy Wholesale Roasted Coffee Beans

Why choose Arabica Beans to order your wholesale roasted coffee beans?

Other than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, rich in flavour and aroma, there are several other reasons to order wholesale roasted coffee beans from Arabica Beans:

Consistency in quality

When you choose Arabica Beans for your Colombian coffee beans wholesale, you can be sure of consistent quality. The brand aims at ensuring quality end-to-end. Right from procuring the beans from the finest locations worldwide to combining it with their years of knowledge and experience of roasting to the premium packaging, everything is taken care of.

When quality is consistent, there is little that customers ask for more than that. However, the Arabica Beans has much more to offer to its loyal pedigree of coffee lovers.

Sustainability company works on sustainability principles and believes in paying back to the environment as much as it takes from it. Arabic Beans contribute towards the wellbeing of farmers and issues such as soil and water conservation. The company also conforms to Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) standards other than forming a part of the Rainforest Alliance Program and Fair Trade Program.

In a world where no one cares beyond commercial benefits, Arabica Beans believes in doing their bit towards protecting nature and the environment.

Excellent Customer Service

Other than consistency in quality, the customers ordering Colombian Coffee Beans Wholesale from Arabic Beans also enjoy excellent customer service. Working on the correct roasting methodology and setting up the equipment correctly are just ways to define excellent customer service.


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To obtain your free wholesale membership account simply complete the registration details and an authentication email will be sent. Once you have completed the authentication you will have full access to our boutique style roasted coffee and consumer discount prices.

If you wish to become a trade member continue to purchase your free consumer membership then please contact us with your requirements for further details.

We supply our roasted coffee beans in 1 kg bags for coffee bars, restaurants, hotels etc
Most of our roasted coffee beans are in the price range between £9-18 per kg. We have three price tables below, which are an example of an average order.

Basic Price
Per order
£250 to £350 Monthly Order
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£250 to £350 Weekly Order
One Order Per Week

You can place your order on the phone and use this site for information Or you can register on our website and apply for a volume discount designed for your requirements. Then you can order online at any time, pay as you go and avoid any misunderstandings.

Minimum order: To qualify for trade prices you must be a caterer or retailer and order on average £150 per month or more. Carriage: £4.00 plus VAT, carriage free over £150. These rates do not apply to some outlying regions of the UK or abroad. These prices are for payment with an order by credit or debit card. We can only arrange credit with customers who regularly order larger volumes of coffee beans.
Delivery: We normally deliver within two working days. Our carriers are DPD and UK Mail who offer online tracking and notification of delivery. They will often accept orders to leave on a porch, but we advise you to give an address where there is someone to accept deliveries in-office hours. We advise all our customers to maintain a level of coffee and where possible order your roasted coffee beans in advance to avoid panic.