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Do you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur and don’t mind splurging on your daily dose of caffeine? Grab your wallet, because a coffee shop in London is offering a tasty cuppa – but it’ll cost you £50. Sold at a coffee shop in London’s luxury area, Mayfair, the exclusive brew is claimed to be the ‘most expensive cup of coffee in the UK’. But you better be quick, there are only 15 cups available in total.

Dubbed the ‘Cup of Excellence’, it is sold at Queens of Mayfair, a shop owned by two sisters, Grace and Victoria Sheppard. Even for Mayfair, this is a steep price for a coffee – so why is it so expensive? Firstly, it’s very exclusive – according to the owners, this particular blend was bought at auction by its roaster, Difference Coffee Co, and has only been offered to one other company in the UK. The coffee beans, which are from Ethiopia, are also extremely rare and award-winning, too – having won the Cup of Excellence Competition (which also explains its name). And the cost of your cuppa also reflects the retail price of the beans, which are sold at around £2,000 per kg. ‘To have such a rare and highly sought after coffee to offer true connoisseurs highlights the standards we are aiming for,’ said co-owner, Victoria. For £50, you can expect superb presentation too – this cuppa isn’t actually served in a cup, but rather a crystal wine glass, with the beans ground by hand. Speaking of the coffee beans, Amir Gehl, the owner of the company’s roaster, added: ‘Not only is it an incredible and rare commodity, it is also making a difference to farmers in Ethiopia.’ You see, the farmer who provided this particular bean received the full auction price.

if £50 feels like a bit much for that caffeine fix, you could always sign up for the Arabica Beans subscription service instead. Or, the cheapest option, make your own at home with our Ethiopian Roasted Coffee Beans.