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Columbian Cundinamarca Coffee

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Peruvian Tunki Coffee

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South American coffee

Of all the coffees, South American coffees are the most well-known throughout the world and the most famous. Two countries out of this region are the world’s largest coffee producers with Brazil providing a third (25%) of the worlds coffee and Colombia not far behind, with one third (12%) of the world’s coffee.


Brazil’s coffee has a simple complexity with low acidity and a creamy medium body. The main growing areas are Espirito Santos, Sao Paulo, Bahia, Minas Gerais and Parana. Although it can vary in quality and consistency, it is still one of the most popular coffees from South America.


Columbian coffee produces a third of the world’s coffee and has a heavy body and simple flavour with a creamy consistency and a higher acidity content to its neighbour Brazil, with higher notes and floral aroma. It’s rich in flavour and although it has a higher acidity it’s well balanced. The main growing areas area Huila, Popayan, Narino and Santander. The highest quality label coffee is known as Supremo. Columbian coffee benefits from superior marketing skills, making it the most recognised brand in the world.

Costa Rica, Peru

Costa Rica brings with it a simple flavour, heavy body, and creamy consistency with higher acidity, and thus higher notes. Peruvian coffee also has a simple flavour and complexity with high acidity and more citrus and tartiness to it. Peruvian coffee’s highest grade is AAA and is renowned for its high quality organic coffee. Its farmers are educated on the most sophisticated growing techniques, with the aid of an altitude that benefits natural growing conditions. Peruvian coffee is sometimes used to blend with other coffee beans because of its mellow character. Its main growing areas are Chanchamayo Valley and Cuzco.

Venezuela, Ecuador

Both Venezuelan and Ecuador coffees are both consumed at home or in-country and are not exported. Venezuela once rivalled Colombia in coffee production but sadly is no more, here in Venezuela, the highest quality coffee is known as ‘lavado fino.’


South American coffee – the best coffee in the world?

Whichever coffee you prefer, it is without doubt the most sophisticated area from which coffee comes, and they’ve certainly honed years and years of natural coffee growing methods, so whatever your tastes, you’re always guaranteed a great cup of coffee. If you choose to go with coffee from this region, try as many as you can rather than simply sticking to just one, there are so many to try and all are worth experimenting with.